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About Eurotech

About Eurotech

Eurotech Group is a manufacturer of high precision aluminium castings and assemblies. With over 75 years of experience, Eurotech has built on a strong reputation as a European sand casting specialist. As a company we have a clear focus on core markets and a straight course to develop into a valuable partner to our customers, with whom we have long-lasting relationships lead times.

Eurotech covers manufacturing and engineering operations in the main industrial regions of Europe. Our three subsidiaries employ more than 500 highly trained and motivated people. These professionals intensively work together on high precision sand casted parts. Components that are essential for the endproducts of our customers. Eurotech Group is the convenient access to a wide range of skills and facilities in the field of aluminium sand casting. It unites plants in Venlo (the Netherlands; also headquarters), Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany) and Třešť (Czech Republic).

The group, through its diversity, offers highly customized solutions, regardless of the technical, logistical and cost considerations. At every stage of engineering, production and delivery, a strong emphasis lies on alignment. This applies to both the intensive collaboration with our clients and to a smooth coordination between the disciplines in the organization. As a group, we have reached the level of a European player in the field of aluminium based modules and high precision sand casted parts. In the future, the emphasis remains on maintaining and improving this position.

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