Eurotech Venlo

Eurotech Venlo was founded in 1991 as a machining company soon extending its portfolio with sand casting capabilities (since 1994 three sandcasting companies were acquired). Eurotech Venlo further developed through the acquisition of an old machining shop from industrial multinational Stork in 2001 and the acquisition of Eurotech Trest in 2002. The company evolved into a full service European wide provider of aluminum sand casted components and parts including full mechatronic assembly for high-end industries such as medical, energy and robotics.

Employees: 200
Site 22.400m2
Focus areas: HWS Sand Casting, Vacuum Moulding,
(Fully automated) machining, Mechatronic Assembly

Eurotech has roots in both machining and casting. Nowadays the latter is by far the most important activity in Venlo. The company has grown both organically and through a series of take-overs. Eurotech Venlo is the technical and managerial heart of the group.

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