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Innovation in the genes

Both in the production and in the organization of Eurotech Group reflect innovation.
Eurotech has inherited the skills of the companies from which it originated. They have evolved into a set of capabilities in a wide spectrum of customer needs, that is unique to the foundry world. Eurotech is a single source for manufacturing, machining and assembly, covering as diverse activities as serial production of heat exchangers, precision machining and compilation of sand casted mechatronic modules. Intense product development processes, performed together with our customers, precedes practically all of our production related activities.

We put great emphasis on the quality of our human resources in order to warrant a successful execution of this strategy. The widely rooted history now yields know-how that is employed for the benefit of customer satisfaction. On a higher level, all Eurotech locations exchange ideas in the development on a structural basis. Our collaboration with clients and our contacts with technical universities ensure that no opportunity is left unseen.

Eurotech has invested in innovative low-pressure sand casting moulds, known as Ductalucast®. These techniques are widely recognized as state-of-the-art aluminium casting.

Market results:

Heat exchangers

  • Development and improvement of several generations of heat exchangers
  • Realisation of various value engineering projects


  • Development, including design
  • Set up and optimisation in international supply chains
  • Process innovation with ‘lean’ tools


  • Development of customer specified products
  • Ductalucast® for very homogeneous high-density castings


  • Conversion of cast iron products to aluminium
  • Ductalucast® for very homogeneous high-strength casting

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